Stumbling through the dark.

It has been dark.

This current year has brought up new challenges and feelings many of us never realized were there.

Spiritually speaking, this has perhaps been one of the purposes of the year 2020.

We are here to deal with the parts of us we…

Some Take Steps…instead of leaps…and that’s okay.

I found myself wanting to ‘self-improve’ once again. Enrolling in a course geared toward women who wanted to excel in online marketing. Aptly entitled Rich, Hot and Happy.

( Not the exact title, but you get the drift. Also, as an aside, the…

( This is a great article I found on which is no longer posted. There is also no author mentioned. )

“Many ‘seekers’ find after years of self-development and spiritual practices, they are still faced with the same emptiness and issues. Often, it is because we still have not honestly dealt with a deeper issue. We are still in our minds and experience life there, rather than in our hearts and feelings.” — Pat Novak

Most people live their lives trapped within the mind, disconnected from their authentic self.

The demands of life cause most of us to live in constant mental overdrive — always thinking, analyzing, organizing, evaluating and planning our way through life.

In this…

Pat Novak

Look Deeper. Feel More. Pat Novak is an Intuitive Transformational Therapist. Your Sphere of Safety Therapy.

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